Nuclear Medicine Physics Service

  1. Calibration of Survey Meters

  2. Calibration and QC testing of Dose Calibrator

  3. Preparation of Application for Radioactive Material License

  4. Radiological Surveys of Sealed and Non Sealed Sources

  5. Inspection and Review of Policies and Procedures for Scan Accreditation

  6. Annual Review of Radiation Protection Program

  7. Quarterly Audits

  8. Inservice Education and Training

  1. Calculation of Organ/Fetal Doses

  2. Leak Testing of Sealed Sources

  3. Acceptance Testing of Gamma Cameras

  4. Calibration/Leak Testing of Shielded Irradiators

  5. Development of Procedures for Monitoring/Surveying Incoming Packages Containing Radioactive Material

  6. Development of Policies and Procedures for Use of the Following Isotopes

      A. Iodine-131 for Therapy

      B. Xenon-133 for Scanning

  7. Development of Nursing Instruction for Patients treated with Sealed and Unsealed Sources

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